Prairie Horizons 2015: Sessions

Prairie Horizons 2015

Prairie Horizons 2015

Sessions from the CANSCAIP Prairie Horizons 2015 conference are presented here in order of presentation. For information about the presenters, see the Presenters Page.

From Idea to Printed Book: Seeds of Inspiration and Flowering Imagination in the Writer-Editor Relationship

Frieda Wishinsky (author) and Anne Shone (editor) have worked together on numerous and varied projects published by three different publishing companies. In this question-and-answer presentation, Frieda and Anne will talk through the collaborative process that sees a concept grow from an idea to a printed book in different genres from picture book to non-fiction, historical fiction and series.

Drawing Every Day

Join Canadian cartoonist Joshua Rosen for a presentation about comics and illustrating.

Dandelion puffs and burrs: Some ways of growing fantasy and realism in YA fiction.

Fantasy, or realism? Both types of YA fiction offer many opportunities for characters to take root, and grow, in their journey toward maturity. Alison Lohans’ workshop will explore some of the key differences in crafting the two genres, and ways of making your work blossom.

The Fascination with Facts

Gillian Richardson’s combination of curiosity, passion for learning, desire to apply that knowledge — and a helping of serendipity – has resulted in her finding success in nonfiction writing. She will share the inspiration that led her from writing short articles for magazines, through the skills gained in Work-For- Hire experiences, to the goal of acquiring contracts with a major trade publisher.

Dandelion Whine: Rooting for Humor in the Imaginative Garden

Ted Staunton will look at how humor for novels and picture books can grow from characters in your own back yard.

From Roots to Blossoms: Is Self-Publishing for You?

Join Heather Nickel (owner of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing), Alison Lohans (author) and Dakota McFadzean (comic book creator) for a discussion of the benefits and the ins and outs of self-publishing. This panel discussion will give insights from both the publisher and author perspectives, compare experiences in self-publishing and traditional publishing, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Writing About…Just about Everything; The Joys and Challenges of a Multi-Genre Career (Keynote Address)

Frieda Wishinsky will touch on how the “seeds” for a new project come from so many different sources and how these sources of inspiration are constantly changing. She’ll convey the excitement of the variety of projects that have taken her down unexpected paths.


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