Prairie Horizons Conference: Book Table

Selling Books and CDs

If you have books or CDs to sell, you can put them on the Book Table. You may also sign up to help at the Book Table during the conference.

How it works:

When you arrive, you may place several copies of each of your titles on the book tables set up in the main gathering area. Please keep extra copies in your room and replenish as needed. There is no fee, but you are responsible for your own books.

Envelopes will be provided so that payment may be made directly to each author, either by cash or cheque. You label your envelopes yourself with  titles and prices. You can use a separate envelope for each item or group them, however you wish.

A cash box is not supplied, so you will have to bring change yourself or make change from your envelope sales. You don’t have to stand at the book table; people will find you for autographs and questions.

Volunteers will be at the book table to oversee and assist those wishing to purchase books or CDs. They will do their best to ensure payments are made for books and the proceeds go into the right envelopes, but they cannot be held responsible for errors. (This system has worked really well at past conferences.)

During sessions and other events, the book table is covered and no sales take place. Purchases may only be made at scheduled times, when volunteers are there.

At the end of the conference, you pick up your sales envilopes and your remaining books. You may want to pick up cash from your envelopes periodically, if sales are brisk.

It’s up to you to tally your book numbers and to correlate them with payments received.

Volunteering at the Book Table

Volunteers are needed to oversee the Book Table during times between meals and sessions at the conference. There will be a sign-up sheet at the registration table.

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Uncover book tables at sale times
  • Keep books tidy and presentably grouped with their payment envelopes
  • Help people make purchases and place payment in the right envelopes
  • Cover books after the sale time is over

See the Book Table Schedule for various times that are available.


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