The Job Jar

CANSCAIP Sask Horizons needs you! The following jobs will be up for grabs at our AGM on May 26th. If you are a Saskatchewan member or friend of CANSCAIP, please look over the job descriptions and consider if you would be willing to run for one of the positions. Thanks!


  1. Provide general direction for the other officers and the group as a whole.
  2. General Meeting (every second year at the Prairie Horizons conference)
    • Make agenda
    • Send notice to all members about the meeting, two weeks in advance
    • Chair meeting
  3. SWG Writing Group Grants application
    • In June, write and submit report on previous year’s grant usage.
    • In June, apply for SWG Writing Group Grant.
      • Fill in application
      • Collate member information including SWG memberships, expiry dates, and age categories. If there are not enough SWG members (2/3), ask non-members to join or renew
  4. Prairie Horizons
    • Maintain arms-length contact with committee and advise as necessary.
    • Open conference and welcome everyone. Tell them about CANSCAIP.


  1. Set up a joint bank account with the President to manage CANSCAIP Sask Horizon funds
    • Deposit cheques as they come in
    • Co-sign cheques with President as needed.
    • Keep track of incoming and outgoing funds and receipts and make sure they match bank statements.
    • Download and save monthly bank statements.
  2. Prairie Horizons Conferences
    • Maintain arms-length contact with committee and advise as necessary
    • Accept mailed registrations and deposit cheques. Give paper registration information to CANSCAIP Liaison. Email receipts to people who pay by cheque. (Online registrations are automatically receipted.)
    • Pay conference expenses as needed.
    • Take cheques to conference to give to presenters. Find out amounts needed from the committee.
  3. General Meeting:
    • Prepare budget report for the previous two years.
    • Take minutes at the meeting.
    • Prepare minutes to be placed on website before the next General Meeting.

Social Media Person:

  1. Manage Website:
    • Post information about events
    • Moderate comments
    • Add member books to sidebar (as members notify you of new books)
    • Add website links of new members to sidebar (as members notify you)
  2. Manage email account
    • Add new members and delete old ones
    • Email membership as needed
  3. Coordinate Online Blog Discussions or other “Connecting” website initiatives
  4. Facebook group: CANSCAIP Sask Horizons
    • Become a group administrator so you can approve requests to join
  5. Act as Liaison with national CANSCAIP office
  6. National CANSCAIP website
    • Get administrator privileges for from national office
    • Post notices of Saskatchewan events on blog
    • Set up event information and registration on national website
    • Maintain conference registration list, including snail mail registrations
    • Ask national office to transfer online registration money to Secretary-Treasurer as soon as event registration closes. They normally send a cheque. It can take a month or two. Verify amount received with event registration logs on the national website, taking into account paypal fees and any CANSCAIP bank fees.
  7. Keep Track of Saskatchewan members
    • Periodically check member list for new Saskatchewan members
    • Contact new Sask members to tell them about the Sask chapter activities
  8. Submit a short report for each edition of CANSCAIP News (4x a year)
  9. Prairie Horizons Conference
    • Share information about the conference as the committee provides it
  10. Set up any other form of social media you want to use

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