Online Auction (May 7-22)

Thanks to the generosity of CANSCAIP Member Joan Almond, CANSCAIP Sask is auctioning off two beautiful matted and framed photographs of Pelicans. The frames are 13.5 x 15 inches. Shipping will be free. The online auction will take place on our Facebook page, but if you don’t have Facebook, you can email your bid to me ( I will post the current bids here each day.

Here’s a big more info from Joan about these photos:

“Prairie Horizons CANSCAIP?” I said.

“There’s a CANSCAIP in the West? Nobody told me!”

The cat looked up at me, before walking across my computer. Could my recent dream be unfolding? What were the chances? I registered for the conference on the spot!

Didn’t I have travel points waiting to be used? Wasn’t there a seat sale?

Then the travel gods smiled down on me, in a serendipitous phone call. 

“Yes,” said one of the organizers, over the phone. “I can pick you up! I’m picking up others; one is coming in on your flight.”

May 19, 2019 arrived. I left my apartment in Waterloo, Ontario, picked up at my door by Airways Transit. My Saskatoon adventure stretched out before me, like a secret treasure, waiting to be discovered. Disembarking in Saskatoon, the air shifted. The stress of a difficult year lifted.

Shelley Tanaka, (MG editor Groundwood Books) on my flight from Pearson International Airport, greeted Tanya Trafford, (MG editor Orca Book Publishers) coming in from Vancouver. Like seasoned travellers, the superheroes of Canadian Children’s Literature wheeled their suitcases out of Saskatoon Airport. 

Our driver led us to her car; the author’s storytelling washing over me, beside the refreshing waters of Saskatoon hospitality. 

On our way to the hotel, our volunteer guide pulled over…

“The Pelicans are back,” she told us. “The American White Pelicans migrate to the river in Saskatoon each spring.”

“Pelicans?” I said to myself. “In Saskatoon? Who knew?”

I raced down the path; my cell phone ready. Then they appeared; The American White Pelicans: quirky and comical, white and wonderful. 

Editing the photos over the weekend, became my place to pull away and be still. 

I came to Saskatoon in bad need of a vacation! We laughed, we shared, we learned, we ate, and our writing improved. Before face masks, or self-isolation, and  long before COVID; I returned to Ontario. 

It’s difficult to explain;  I still long for the West, to one day be there again on a warm spring day, when the Pelicans fly into town. 

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