Are You Interested in an Online Course?

It’s nice to see that there’s so much discussion evolving out of our monthly topics. Maybe we can even utilize the blog to have ‘virtual meetings’ to discuss arising matters with our chapter. One question that has been raised during the meeting we had after the CANSCAIP Prairie Horizons conference is what we could do for another project in the next year when there is no conference? Since we are spread across four provinces, the suggestion of an online-writing class came up as a fair way to include all geographies of our membership. So here’s my question for the month:

Do you have any suggestions for possible online workshops and instructors? Any positive experience of participating in an online workshop? Or do you have another project idea to spend our money on?

As for myself: I have participated in an online workshop for picture books by Alice Kuipers. The workshop was spread over several weeks. It consisted of several hands-on lessons and participants critiqued each others’ work. It was very intense, lots of fun and very useful. I would most certainly participate in a similar workshop. We could charge participants a small fee to make our money go even further. CANSCAIP members would pay a lower fee.

Other ideas: We could use it for a mentorship program similar to what the national chapter offers for either writers or illustrators. That means creators can send in 10 pages of their manuscript/portfolio and if accepted by the program they would get their work critiqued by a professional writer/illustrator and could ask five questions in response to their critique. Which would also mean we would need a jury to decide who will be accepted. A bit more work involved here than just hiring an instructor.

But these were just a couple ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas.

~Miriam Koerner