Alice Kuipers: A Writing Life – Maximizing Your Writing Time While Finding the Joy in Your Work

Alice Kuipers

Alice Kuipers

Come and hear award-winning author Alice Kuipers talk about “A Writing Life: Maximizing your Writing Time while Finding the Joy in your Work.”

Alice gave this talk live on her Facebook Fan Page ( on June 19, 2017. But in case you missed it, it is still available on Facebook, as well as on YouTube on the Sask CANSCAIP channel!


Here’s a summary:

Become the productive writer you want to be. Join bestselling, award-winning author Alice Kuipers for this practical talk on managing a writing life. Alice shares her tips and tricks to help you select your best ideas, focus your time and hone your writing process. Alice has published seven books for children and young adults, with three more books coming out in the next two years. She teaches both online and in person, and she has four children, so she knows exactly what it’s like to manage a creative yet busy life.

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Who:  Bestselling author Alice Kuipers was born in London. She moved to Canada in 2003. Her first novel, Life on the Refrigerator Door, won several awards. Since then, she has published three further award-winning YA novels internationally, with the fourth, The Death of Us, a CLA shortlisted title. Me (and) Me, her fifth YA novel, is described by Bif Naked as mesmerising. Her picture book Violet and Victor Write the Best Ever Bookworm Book was selected as an Amazon best pick and Violet and Victor Write the Most Fabulous Fairy Tale was a Winter Indie 2015 Selection. She has an upcoming chapter book series with Chronicle Press.

Alice’s work has been published in 34 countries and her first novel made into plays in London, Paris and Tokyo.

Learn more about Alice, find her writing tips and hints, and access her free, online writing course at .


Many thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for sponsoring this talk with a Writing Group Grant.



Arthur Slade: 10,000 Easy Ways to Market Your Book

Arthur Slade

Arthur Slade

Come and hear award-winning author Arthur Slade describe 10,000 Easy Ways to Market Your Book!

Art gave this talk on his Facebook Fan Page ( on June 19, 2017. But in case you missed it, you can catch it now on Facebook or on Sask CANSCAIP’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a summary: Arthur Slade looks at methods to get the word out about your book, including social media (Facebook & Twitter etc.), finding reviewers, and using the most powerful tool of all—newsletters.

Who: Arthur Slade was raised on a ranch in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan. He is the author of eighteen novels for young readers including The Hunchback Assignments, which won the prestigious TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award and Dust, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature. He also co-created the graphic novel Modo: Ember’s End.  He lives in Saskatoon, Canada.

P.S. He does all of his writing on a treadmill desk. And he listens to heavy metal. At the same time.

Find out more at .


Many thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for sponsoring this talk with a Writing Group Grant.



Ed Willett: Writing Young Adult Fantasy

Ed Willett

On May 30, 2016, award-winning author Edward Willett gave a talk on Writing Young Adult Fantasy at the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Office in Regina. The talk was recorded and is now available on YouTube!

What: Young adult fantasy is one of the hottest literary genres around. Edward Willett, author of The Masks of Agyrima trilogy for DAW Books and the Shards of Excalibur series for Coteau Books (among others) talks about how—and why!—he writes fantastical adventures for young people.

Who: Ed Willett is the author of dozens of fantasy, science fiction, and non-fiction books, as well as plays and newspaper articles. He is also a singer, actor, and director. For more about Ed, check out his website,


Many thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for sponsoring this talk with a Writing Group Grant.



Beverley Brenna: Writing About Diverse Characters

Beverley Brenna

Beverley Brenna

Join award-winning author Beverley Brenna as she discusses Writing the World for Today’s Kids: Diversity Essentials .

Where: SWG Office in Regina, SK (1150-8 Ave, Regina, SK, Canada)  OR at your very own computer or other internet device (see below for details).

When: 2-3 pm, Monday April 25, 2016

What: Ten tips from SK author Bev Brenna about writing for today’s kids. Bev’s award winning fiction portrays characters with exceptionalities and her perspectives call for titles that reflect contemporary kids with diverse abilities.

Who: The author of over ten books for young people, Bev is also a professor specializing in children’s literature and reading at the University of Saskatchewan. For more about Bev’s work, check out her website at: .

Watch on YouTube


Many thanks to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for sponsoring this talk with a Writing Group Grant.



Potential Workshop Presenters: Who and What?

Paula Jane Remlinger talking about "Rhyme Crimes: What Makes Good Children's Poetry"

Paula Jane Remlinger talking about “Rhyme Crimes: What Makes Good Children’s Poetry”

The good news is…

that CANSCAIP Sask Horizons qualified to receive a writing groups grant from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild this year. We plan to use it to bring in two speakers to do workshops for us at the SWG office in Regina, on topics of interest to our Sask CANSCAIP members.

You don’t live in Regina? No worries–they will also be broadcast live right to your computer, AND recorded and put on YouTube afterwards so you can watch them any time you like.

We did one workshop like this last spring, with Paula Jane Remlinger talking about writing good children’s poetry. If you haven’t seen it, why not watch it now? (It takes about 45 minutes.) The point is, we know the technology works.

The question is…

who should we invite to do workshops, and what should they talk about? (Okay, that’s two questions.)

We can afford to bring in one speaker from out of Regina and one from inside Regina. Who they are will depend on what you are interested in hearing.

We had some suggestions at the General Meeting after the Prairie Horizons 2015 conference. I won’t put speakers’ names here, just topics:

  • Giving presentations to groups of different ages
  • How to create and pitch an illustrators’ portfolio for a publisher
  • The first five pages
  • Publishing your e-book
  • Using social media for marketing your book
  • How to do virtual readings

We need to have both presentations by the end of June. The first step is to figure out what we want to hear, and who should talk about them. So what do you think?

Paula Jane Remlinger: Rhyme Crimes – What Makes Good Children’s Poetry?

Paula Jane and cat

Paula Jane Remlinger. And cat, Dickens.

On June 19, 2015, Paula Jane Remlinger gave a talk about writing good poetry for children. Paula Jane says:

We’ve all read Shel Silverstein, Sheree Fitch, and other children’s writers that we want to be because they have such a way with words. How do they do that? How is writing for children different (and the same) as writing for adults? I will talk about what works and what doesn’t in children’s poetry.

If you missed the talk, or would like to see it again, you can now watch it on Youtube! (Unfortunately, the first 1 minute and 54 seconds are just static. Move past that and you will be able to hear it all well. Sorry.)


Paula Jane Remlinger has a M.A. in English (poetry) from the University of Saskatchewan and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, as well as other degrees. She writes poetry for all ages, short stories and science fiction, and is working on a children’s picture book. You can learn more about Paula Jane at the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild website.

This event was sponsored by the Saskatchewan Writers Guild through their Writers Groups Grants.

An Afternoon with Sheree Fitch


Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13, 2013 and set your sights on Saskatoon!

CANSCAIP Sask Horizons is sponsoring Canadian author Sheree Fitch  to do a workshop called:

Wordplay, Whimsy, and Seriously Joyful Nonsense

 Whether we are writing fiction or nonfiction, picture books, plays or novels–(for any age )– our words matter. Not just the “right” words, how we can use them in new and surprising ways. In a workshop designed with guided exercises to free every one’s “poet” brain and inner word maniac we will explore how words can lead us to plot, character and endless possibilities in our work as writers.

Sheree Fitch

Sheree Fitch

Sheree Fitch has been offering writing workshops for over twenty-five years in places as close as Moose Jaw and as far away as Bhutan. She has published at least 24 books for adults, young adults, and most of all, children. Her engaging, tongue-twisting, fun-filled verse rollicks across the pages of such classics as There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen, Mabel Murple, Sleeping Dragons All Around, and her newest kids’ book, Kisses, Kisses, Baby-O.

Her young adult novel Gravesavers won several awards, including Saskatchewan’s own Readers’ Choice Award, the Willow. Her most recent young adult novel is Plutos’ Ghost.

The workshop will take place:

  • Saturday, April 13, 2013
  • 1-4 pm
  • at Queen’s House Retreat and Renewal Centre, 601 Taylor St. W. in Saskatoon.
  • Fee: $30
  • Limit of 20 participants, so register early!
  • If you are coming from out of town, you are invited to have lunch first at Queen’s House for an extra $12 (total $42).  Lunch is served at 12 noon.
  • Coffee, tea, water, and muffins will be available during the workshop break (included in workshop fee).

How to Register:

  1. Email your name and whether you would like lunch to
  2. Pay for the workshop one of two ways:
  • write a cheque made out to CANSCAIP SK Horizons. Mail it to  Sheree Fitch Workshop, c/o  76 Dolphin Bay, Regina, SK, S4S 4Z8.
  • use the Paypal buttons below.

You will be emailed a confirmation once your payment has been received.

Questions? Email .