Danica Lorer

Photo by Jazmine Lorer Bloski

Danica Lorer has been a professional storyteller for more than 15 years. She collects and imagines stories and pictures throughout Saskatchewan and beyond. She lives in Saskatoon and follows the highway as a ribbon tying her to the amazing sky, clear water, words on the wind, and beautiful people. She reaches out with her telling to audiences of all ages at festivals, libraries, schools, extended care homes, and more.

Danica facilitates storytelling workshops inviting participants to reach into their memories, imaginations and surroundings. She is grateful for the gift of the story. She advocates for the arts, including storytelling, reminding people that storytelling only succeeds with the participation of the listeners. Danica loves to listen to stories. She knows storytelling requires risk and trust and builds relationships as people find the common threads weaving their own stories together. She loves to tell tales from around the world, those passed on from other tellers, and those that have sprouted from the seeds of her own imagination and experience.

Danica is a freelance writer and photographer whose work has appeared in The Maidstone Mirror, The News Optimist, The Battlefords Regional Optimist, Pipeline News, Saskatchewan Business Magazine, and Engage magazine. She has been shortlisted for Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association awards in the categories of Columnist of the Year, Best Habitat/Conservation Writing, Educational Coverage, and Best Culture Story. She was recognized by the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc. “for her journalistic abilities and enthusiasm for history. Her many news articles have contributed to continued public awareness of the Shiloh Baptist Church and Cemetery. Her contribution has been invaluable and appreciated.”

In 2012 she was retained by SaskCulture as a Culture Days Animateur. In 4 months she presented storytelling workshops 46 times in 22 unique venues in 15 communities encouraging over 1000 workshop participants from 0-103 years of age to imagine, remember, and share stories as she shared stories with them.

Danica was selected as one of 3 storytellers from across the country to tour as part of the TD/Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Canadian Children’s Book Week tour in May of 2014.

Danica is an active member of the SWG, the Saskatoon Storytellers Guild, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, CANSCAIP, and the Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada.